Complete WordPress Website Management

Whether you are looking to revamp your old website or start a new one, Houston Web Solutions offers local businesses and organizations affordable design, maintenance and marketing solutions.

Expert Services. Fair Prices. Measurable Results.

We have been helping local small businesses and non-profit organizations since 1997. From design to marketing to maintenance, Houston Web Solutions wants to be your online marketing department.

Design Services

We will work with you and your team to design and develop an engaging, mobile-friendly website that will rank well on the search engines.

Hosting Services

WordPress websites run best under certain hosting environments. We will ensure that your site loads fast and stays up.

Management Services

You are busy running your business. Let us handle your online presence with timely content updates and maintenance of files and programs.

Marketing Services

Whether you want to be found easier on local searches or ready to advertise online, we can help you manage your online ads to create results.

How much does it cost to get a website designed?

We believe in cost transparency, honest and fair pricing and delivering on what we promise.

Many times I hear: “How do you charge so much less for website design?”  I understand that there is a huge disparity in proposals you get from different web designers.  Sometimes, I lose a potential customer because they get the impression that they may be missing out on something important by going with me and my lower pricing vs. an agency quoting thousands of dollars.  So let me explain why this may be.

First of all, I am a freelance designer.  That means I have a primary profession (I am a firefighter for the city of Houston) so I already have a good income stream. So I can afford to be very competitive in my pricing.  Second, which is related to the first, being a freelancer, I run my business from my home which reduces my monthly expenses.  I am a solo operator so I do not have rent, salaries, commissions and other costs associated with big agencies. 

The fact is that most small businesses and even the medium-sized ones as well as non-profit organizations can get pretty much all the website design and maintenance they need by outsourcing to a small business like myself.

And finally, the best reason is that I value my time differently.  I am dedicated to providing expert online marketing services to small businesses and non-profits at price points they can afford.  I scale my services to meet your needs where you can set aside an affordable monthly budget to create and maintain the best online presence.  We can agree on prices or monthly retainers that makes sense to both of us and gets you results and a return on your investment.  I am very flexible in terms of costs and retainer fees.

Typical website design cost: $750

Good WordPress hosting: $20 per month

Great WordPress hosting: $50 per month

Website Maintenance Cost per Month: $150 includes good hosting and basic updates.