What is online reputation?

By April 27, 2017Online Reputation

As if it wasn’t enough to keep your website updated with relevant content and post on social media sites, online reputation has gained tons of traction on the Internet.  Online reputation is mainly all those sites out there that allow people to review their experiences with your company.   Many people now are very adept at researching companies and organizations online prior to engaging them and even if you establish your credibility on your website, there could be some information from other sources online that hurts your business reputation by either having negative reviews or inaccurate or outdated information.  Managing your online presence must include managing your listings, reviews and testimonials.  It takes persistence and should become an on-going task for you or your online management agency.

Here are some things to look for in improving your online presence and managing your online reputation:

  • Use Google to find inconsistencies and negative information – google your business name and take a look at the results.  Don’t be lazy, go through several pages of results and see where your name pops up.  Visit those sites and and keep a list of these sites that you need to go to and monitor.  Make sure your business address is consistent through all these websites.  You can also use a tool on the site yext.com to see how you are listed on a ton of directory type websites.  You can pay them to get all your sites listed properly or you can engage a web marketing agency like Houston Web Solutions (wink) and it can be part of a more complete online marketing strategy.
  • Monitor the review sites – sites like Yelp, Google, Facebook and others actively promote and are used by tons of people to review everything.  Reviews are becoming more commonplace.  They used to be dominated by restaurants but now almost any consumer product or service gets reviewed.  Unfortunately, people that are dissatisfied with a product or service is typically the person that is going to take the time to leave a review.  So you need to be aware of negative and positive reviews and reply online to each as a way of showing you are a responsive company.

Online reputation management has become a necessary component for online marketing.  Too often we have run into clients saying they used to get so much business from their website and for some reason it has tanked only to find out that their website wasn’t the problem.  It was bad reviews on the web that people were reading.  It is very important to stay on top of reviews and testimonials online and take a proactive approach to nurturing this part of the online marketing strategy.